Photo Finish++
Prove it with photos.

Assign daily tasks for you and your family. Prove they get done with photos. Share your progress.

Assign Daily Tasks

With Photo Finish++, you can assign yourself or someone in your family daily tasks. You prove they get done with a photo.

Use it to help you remember to turn off the stove before leaving for work. Use it to keep track of a daily selfie. Assign tasks for your self or your children to do every day - like feed the dog or make their bed.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress by seeing all your photos in a calendar view. Great for keeping track of a selfie of the day.

Photo Journaling

Photo Finish++ is great for photo journaling. Here is an example of a food journal.

Quick Check

With the Photo Finish++ Today Widget, you can quickly get an update on your progress right from within the app.

Tap any photo to jump into the app to complete your task.

Peace of Mind

Did you remember to turn off the stove or shut the garage door? Taking a photo of it before you leave the house can give you peace of mind later when you are away. Use Photo Finish++ to help with that.

All photos are imprinted with a time and date stamp so you can see exactly when you got things done.

See the Detail

See all the details of a photo just by tapping on it.

Automatic Sync & Push Notifications

You don't need to worry about backing up your information or syncing across devices.

Sync is automatic with your Photo Finish++ account.

When a new photo is taken, all other devices logged into the account will get a push notification.

Assign Daily Tasks

Photo Finish++ makes is easy to assign tasks that need to get done every day. You prove to yourself and others that the task got done by taking a photo.

Calendar View

Tap the calendar button under your photo to see your progress. Your current and past photos are overlayed onto a calendar.


When using Photo Finish++ to assign a task to someone else, it might be helpful to document instructions for getting the task done. For each Photo Finish++ task, you can enter a note that can be viewed at any time.

Share your photo with the built in iOS share sheet. Save a photo to your library or send it to someone via text.

Push Notifications

When you launch the app or use the Today Widget, you will see all your past due and upcoming bills at a glance. Right from this screen you can pay the bill, delelte the bill or make a partial payment. You can also change the amount for an individual bill without affecting any other payments.

Automatic Sync

Your data is stored in your iCloud account. At no time is your data outside of your direct control. Nobody can see your data - not even us. Because your data is stored in iCloud, your data is always up to date on all your devices that share an iCloud account.

Time Stamps

When a photo is taken from the camera, a date and time stamp is automatically placed on the image. Images picked from the photo library will not get a time stamp. This keeps everyone honest when documenting their progress and great for parents that ask their kids to prove that something got done.

See The Detail

Tap on any photo in your Today list or on the calendar to see the photo in greater detail. You can pinch and zoom to cleary see the image.

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