Gravity ring

Fast, fun, addictive retro arcade game

iOS & Apple TV

  • Jump

    Tap the right side of the screen to jump. You can only jump when you are touching a building or a girder.

    On the Apple TV, press the Play/Pause button to jump.

  • Change Gravity

    Buildings too far apart? Tap the left side of the screen to change gravity and run upside down on the suspended girders.

    On the Apple TV, swipe the remote up and down to change gravity.

  • Combine Jumps and Gravity Changes

    Extend your jumping ability by switching gravity mid-jump.

  • Collect and Use Gravity Shards

    Tap the gravity shard in the upper left and you will be suspended in the middle of the screen. When you are ready to continue, tap the jump button.

    On the Apple TV, press the Menu button on the remote to enable a gravity shard.

Bryce is the brains behind Gravity Ring. The idea, name, game design and all graphics were developed by Bryce.
Jim (Bryce's Dad) performed most of the heavy lifting with the code. We developed Gravity Ring together as project for Bryce to lean more about coding.