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Allowances, Chores & Rewards with Sync

Put piggy banks and paper money behind you! This is Piggy Bank 2.0! iAllowance is the only thing you need to manage your child's finances, chores and rewards.

Proven to Work!

With over 15 million completed chores and over 10 million allowances paid, iAllowance is the app that savvy parents trust to teach their children about earning, saving, and spending - while making their own lives a little easier.

Get Chores Done

Track all your children's chores with iAllowance. Get your kids involved in the process and watch the chores get done! Use the reminders to push alerts to your kids - even if iAllowance isn't running.

Automatic Allowances

Let iAllowance do the remembering for you! It's easy to set up any number of allowances that will pay out automatically at repeating intervals. Each allowance can be set up to pay into one or more of the child's banks. There is no need to setup a single allowance for each bank.

Earn Rewards

Kids are more motivated when they have goals to work towards. You can setup rewards that you can choose to 'cash in' when you child reaches the set goal.

iCloud and Dropbox Sync

Use your account or iCloud to sync iAllowance with all of your iOS devices. iAllowance will automatically store local backups of your data so you can always get back to where you need to.

Unlimited Children

You can setup iAllowance to track the finances for all your kids, each with a separate photo for easy identification and as many banks as you desire.

Unlimited Banks

Kids are very busy these days. From general spending money to clothing allowances, gas money to cell phones accounts, kids and parents have a lot to keep track of in today's world. With iAllowance, you can create an unlimited number of banks for each of your kids. Each bank has its own transaction list where you can add, edit and delete transactions as often as you need to.

Parental Controls

We feel that it's important to get your kids involved in managing their own finances, but it is also important that you have a choice as to whether or not they can edit the information. By turning on the built-in parental controls, you can restrict your kids to a view only mode while you maintain full editorial control for yourself.

Print & Email Reports

Print out or email chore charts directly to an AirPrint supported printer. Print out or email bank transaction reports.

Money, Stars & Time

iAllowance lets you keep track of stars and time as well as money. Use the time banks to keep track of your child's screen or video game time. Use stars to track chores that are not linked to money payments. Use the built in conversion rates to transfer stars or time over to real money.

Supports 150+ World Currencies

iAllowance supports your currency. Pick from over 150 world currencies for your banks. Feel free to mix and match currencies between banks.

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