Genius Contacts

Group Texting, Email & Geo-Location

The Contacts app that should have been shipped with your phone. Find nearby contacts, place calls, send group texts and email, smarter groups and more.

Find Nearby Contacts

Genius Contacts will use the power of your device's GPS to find contacts near your current location. This feature is ideal for road warriors that find themselvles in different locations on a regular basis. No more fumbling in finding sales contacts nearby. Let Genius Contacts do the work for you.

Group Texting & Email

Easily send group texts (SMS) and email directly from within Genius Contacts. You control who you send the messages to as well as the phone number or email addresses to include.

Smarter Groups

Create your own groups and assign your contacts to one or more groups. A particular contact might be a friend, family member, co-worker and running buddy. Why should a contact only belone to one group? With Genius Contacts, you can filter your contact list by one or more selected groups.

We are pleased to announce that Genius Contacts is available for download on the App Store. Follow the download link above to learn more.

Jump Gap Software

Genius Contacts can use the power of your device's GPS to find contacts that are close to your current location. This feature is ideal for professionals that travel a great deal and need to quickly locate contacts in their address book that are nearby. You can can choose distances ranging from 5 miles to as far as 100 miles. Sort your contacts alphabetically or by distance from your current location. You don't need to be in a location to look up nearby contacts. You can create as many other locations as you like and find contacts in your address book based on that remote location. * Geo-Location uses your contacts zip code to determine it's approximate location. It also requires a valid USA zip code. Contacts without a US zip code will not be located.


You you need more precision with your calculations, use the built in calculator to dial in the exact discount needed.


You may have 100's or even 1000's of contacts in your address book. Having the ability to flag certain key contacts as favorites is a feature of Genius Contacts. Pressing the star at the bottom of the screen will quickly show you your favorite contacts. From here you can place a call, send a text or email.


Want to see how much that shirt, pants and belt are at 35% off? One simple screen scrolls to let you know what you're really saving.


With Genius Contacts, you can search for anything - Name, Address, City, State, Phone Number, Email Address, Note, anything. Your contacts will filter off your search as you type.


The Genius Contacts interface is familiar, yet fresh. You will find navigation is easy and intuitive. Details slide in as you need them and then slide out of the way when you are done. Use your finger to pull down the top menu bar to access groups, sorting and geo-location features.


Have you ever wanted to easily send group text (SMS) message from your phone? Genius Contacts makes this super simple. Use the power of the smart group filtering to select the group of people yo want to send a group text to, and then you control the numbers and people from the group to include.


Just like group texting, Genius Contacts makes sending group email very simple as well. Use the smart group filter to select the people you want to send and email to and you control the email addresses that you want to use and if that person should be in the To, Cc or Bcc fields.


Sometimes it's easy to forget that an iPhone is also a phone and making calls is an everyday task you do with your iPhone. Genius Contacts makes it easy to find and place a call to that person right from the app.


Genius Contacts has smarter group filtering. You may have a contact that fits into more than one group - friends, family, co-workers, running friends, etc. Why limit a contact to a single group? Genius Contacts allows you to create as many groups as you need and assign easily assign each contact to one or more groups. After you have your contacts assigned, you can turn on and off any number of groups and Genius Contacts will filter your contacts on the fly. This feature is especially useful for families that have a shared address book.


Genius Contacts uses your existing address book. All information in Genius Contacts stays in sync with your devices address book at all times. All custom group data is stored within your contact so syncing between all your devices is automatic and built in.

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