Allowance, Chores and Rewards

Put piggy banks and paper money behind you! iAllowance is the only thing you need to manage your child's finances and teach him or her about saving and spending money. Whether you want to set up a weekly allowance or pay out a special reward, iAllowance handles everything for you with an eye-pleasing and easy-to-use interface.

Automatic Allowance

Have iAllowance automatically keep track of all your kid's reoccuring allowances. No more arguing over buying that new thing at the store.

With iAllowance, you will know at a glance how much money they have - and so will they.


Use iAllowance to keep track of family jobs or chores. Setup as many as you need and you determine when they need to be done and how much gets paid.

Choose to manage your kid's chores with either real money or stars.


Children are alway better motivated when they have something to shoot for when saving their money or completing family chores.

Use Rewards as a tool to keep your child focused and on task.

There are so many great free apps out there that it's rarely worth paying for one unless it's (1) really fun or (2) solves a serious problem. On that second count, I can happily recommend iAllowance for anyone who has kids who want to buy stuff.

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Consider this handy app 'Piggy Bank 2.0'

- MakeItBetterMakeItBetter.netm

I absolutely love this app! It is life changing for our crazy home! Thanks!!!

App Store Review★★★★★

Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to setup. Cloud sync is great feature!

App Store Review★★★★★

Works great and is very flexible. The cloud reader sync is awesome!

App Store Review★★★★★

Combines chores, cash allowance (so I'm not left holding a ziplock bag of leftover change after store purchases), and iTunes gift card balances. I note what they purchase, so they can see where the money went. Since we've been using for a while, we can look back to see if they still use the item or app we HAD to have. That has been an eye opener for the kids.

App Store Review★★★★★

Really neat app.....my kids love it and it helps me keep better track of their rewards than anything else I have tried in the past.

App Store Review★★★★★

Great app. It does just what I want and it got my kids excited about working with money. It even gets them to do a few more chores around the house.

App Store Review★★★★★

I've used it all summer and it keeps me accountable. You need to be proactive and check it every day, and be detail oriented in tracking your kids' spending. I know exactly how much money each child has and how they've done on their chores. (my kids are all under 10.) Upgrade made it much better, with multiple checks allowed for tasks done more than once a day (clearing place or brushing teeth) and a frowny face for misbehavior. this is a great app!

App Store Review★★★★★

I hardly ever write app reviews, but I felt I had to give five stars to this great app. It does everything I hoped it would -- it made keeping track of allowance fast and fun, and backed up the data to Dropbox. It allowed me to catch up on six months of allowance and miscellaneous expenses (a pile of receipts with each kid's name on them) in about 10 minutes. Amazing! And Jim's support is amazing. I had a minor error message pop up relating to Dropbox, and emailed him about it. He answered my question almost immediately and got things straightened out. If you are looking for an allowance app, in my opinion you can stop looking. This is it.

App Store Review★★★★★

Allowance is one of those things that sounds easy enough to manage: until you don't have cash on you or forget or whatever. This app takes all of that out of the equation. It also settles an issue I've always had about allowance? Should you get an allowance just because you're a part of the family, or should it be tied to chores? This app allows you to do both: I love it! Well worth the money.

App Store Review★★★★★

App is great and although there is a lot to learn to get it all set up and working correctly, the developer makes it easy to get help. In-app help allows you to contact the developer directly and get lightening fast help. If you have a hard time, just send an email from within the app or check the available videos/ FAQs. SO happy with the app and the developer's aspirations to perfect it with continued support and improvements.

App Store Review★★★★★

This app is exactly what we needed! Allowance, chores, rewards, multiple banks, synching across devices... It has it all! And the developer is very responsive to questions. In fact, I'm convinced that not a single negative reviewer tried to contact the developer for assistance before reviewing. I don't know why people don't try to solve their concerns before giving up on an app. If you're considering a chore app, this is the one you're looking for, I'm positive!

App Store Review★★★★★

Great way to teach capitalism to a child... In a good way... Exchanging value for $...then, using $ to gain value. It does crash a lot, but it seems a bit better since last nights update.

App Store Review★★★★★

This is one awesome app! I've downloaded it to all our devices so that the kids can check off their chores as they complete them. And now they don't have to ask me how much money they have in their spending bank since they can check and see where their hard-earned money went. Love how we can divide up the allowance into three categories (giving, saving, and spending) and transfer between them so they can save or give even more if they choose. It puts them in control and helps them learn a bit of financial planning. The auto-sync feature through Dropbox makes sure we're all on the same page. Works like a charm. Thank you!!!

App Store Review★★★★★

This app is phenomenal!

App Store Review★★★★★

My son is so excited that he can see his money and the gaming time that he is earning!! It helps me keep him motivated =) This app is so versatile and easy to use!!

App Store Review★★★★★

iAllowance may look simple at first glance - the bookshelves and chalkboard make this app very approachable. However, iAllowance is a powerful family finance management system, allowing you to set up regular payout dates, deduct expenditures, and show category totals - even search for a specific transaction!


Kids are very busy these days. From general spending money to clothing allowances, gas money to cell phones accounts, kids and parents have a lot to keep track of in today's world. With iAllowance, you can create an unlimited number of banks for each of your kids. Each bank has its own transaction list where you can add, edit and delete transactions as often as you need to.


If you don't want to use real money, you can setup any bank to use stars ★. Mix and match star banks and real money banks to make iAllowance work best for you. Furthermore, you can assign an optional interest rate to any of the banks to help teach your children the value of saving money over the long term.


iAllowance will keep track of all your child’s household chores. You are free to setup as many chores as you need. You can decide if a chore gets paid per event, like mowing the lawn, or you can require the entire week to be completed before payment is made.


Just like allowances, the chores are very flexible and can pay out by amount or percent to all your child’s banks. You can even choose the chore to only be active on certain days of the week.


If you enable parental controls, you children can participate in checking off their completed chores. Chores checked off by your kids will show as yellow checks. As a parent, you can approve or deny any yellow checks before payment is made.



It won't take your kids too long to figure out that they can make changes to their own finances. The interface is simple enough that even your youngest children will be able to do it.


We feel that it's important to get your kids involved in managing their own finances, but it is also important that you have a choice as to whether or not they can edit the information. By turning on the built-in parental controls, you can restrict your kids to a view only mode while you maintain full editorial control for yourself.


You can setup iAllowance to track the finances for all your kids, each with a separate photo for easy identification and as many banks as you desire.


Let iAllowance do the remembering for you! It's easy to set up any number of allowances that will pay out automatically at repeating intervals. iAllowance intervals can be set by days, weeks, months and even years. You can also arrange for credits to happen automatically on special occasions, like birthdays and holidays.

Each allowance can be set up to pay into one or more of the child's banks. There is no need to setup a single allowance for each bank.

Allowances can deduct money as well. For example, if you want to automatically pull out money for a monthly cell phone bill or a semi-annual insurance payment, you can set that up within the application.


Earning money or stars is one great way to motivate your kids to get things done. With iAllowance rewards, you can setup a number of specific goals for your child to shoot for. It can be as simple as getting ice cream with the family for 10 stars or purchasing that new video game for $50. iAllowance will give you and your child visual feedback on how close they are to achieving their goals.


Use your Dropbox.com account to sync iAllowance with all of your iOS devices. iAllowance will automatically store local backups of your data so you can always get back to where you need to. Adding a Dropbox account will also get you automatic backup to the cloud.


Create reports for any of your child’s banks or chores and send them to yourself as an email. Create reports from the Bank Summary or special reports based off transaction search results. iAllowance also supports Apple’s AirPrint. You can send custom report directly to your printer from your device.


iAllowance has support for over 150 world currencies making this app useful for children and parents around the globe.

iAllowance Overview (iPhone)


iAllowance Overview (iPhone)


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